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 The Hitman (2007) DvdRip

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The Hitman (2007) DvdRip Empty
MesazhTitulli: The Hitman (2007) DvdRip   The Hitman (2007) DvdRip EmptyTue Aug 19, 2008 12:58 am


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The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 5eeqn8

The Hitman (2007) DvdRip D3obctmoasge53geltzo
Hitman(2007) UR

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller |

When a highly trained gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) gets entangled in a political takeover, he finds himself hunted by both Interpol and the Russian military. On the run, he tries to uncover who set him up while battling with newfound feelings for a beautiful woman. The globe-trotting action film, based on a video game, was shot on location in Bulgaria, South Africa, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and London.

AVI Information
    Filename: Hitman (2007) UR.avi
    Filesize: 890449920 Bytes (849.20 MB)
    Streams (i.e. Video, Audio): 2
Video Stream
    Compression: xvid - XVID MPEG-4
    Avg. Bitrate: 804.16 kbit/s
    Resolution: 608x272
    Color Depth: 12 bits
    Running Time: 5658.69 s (1h 34m 18s)
    Framerate: 23.9760 fps
    Microseconds Per Frame: 41708 ms
    Frames: 135673
    Keyframes: 2527 (Every 53)
Audio Stream
    Wave Type: 8192 - AC3 Audio
    Avg. Bitrate: 448.00 kbit/s
    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
    Bit Depth: 0 Bits
    Channels: 6
    Audio Delay: 0.00 s

The Hitman (2007) DvdRip O777xjme68ytvgx1emeo

The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 28clhjl
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip V4qts9
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 2yw5u9y
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 2hxspwg
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 2vlqzpx
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip Vcxl5j

The Hitman (2007) DvdRip Ml0dp9xvz9urkmdd3oir
The Hitman (2007) DvdRip 5zh581eubfsw13w13kpb
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The Hitman (2007) DvdRip
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